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PromoText Solutions
A Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of PromoTech Ventures

PromoText Solutions specializes on integrating enterprise SMS with decisioning, workflow and reporting power into your business.


We craft flexible, cost-effective, cloud-based applications and quickly deliver specific solutions tailored to address our client’s unique requirements.


Our solutions can be used to evaluate individual files or thousands of files all at once. This makes it one of the most powerful analytic, research, auditing and marketing tool on the market today.


We have demonstrable expertise in providing custom solutions that apply sophisticated ANALYTICS for loan file ELIGIBILITY EVALUATION, DISPOSITION OPTIONS, PRICING, QUALITY ASSURANCE, MONITORING or AUDITING .

Promo Tech Ventures

About PromoTech Ventures

Our proprietary SMART Campaigns Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-oriented and Time-Bound

PromoTech Ventures specialize in crafting all-inclusive solutions that promote and monetize collaborative
products and services offered by our network of affiliates and partners.

Using both traditional and cutting edge techniques, PROMOTECH VENTURES provides an innovative, multi-layered approach to promotions: Marketing, Advertising, Lead generation, Lead Qualification/Underwriting, Data Appending, Lead Sales and Venture Financing .

Promo Tech Venture proprietary technologies maximize and track the promotional results generated from our organic multi-faced marketing platform at a very granular level using:

  • Automated, granular metrics that measure lead status, quality and performance
  • Enhanced decision making supported by real-time analytics and reporting

We capture the metrics that matter most, so that we can deliver the traffic that truly continues to perform!

Our custom solutions track and then optimize the performance of our digital marketing campaigns in real time, enabling us to make intelligent marketing adjustments and decisions.

High-Volume Campaigns 100%
Fully Granulated Delivery Options 100%
Fully Customizable Screens 100%
Adaptable & Highly Configurable 100%
Competitor Success/Failure Analytic Analysis 100%
Decision & Analytic Rules Reporting 100%