Provides Potential Buyers/Lessees:

  • Immediate Property Information & Availability
  • Hyperlinks to Property Pages, Pictures and Videos
  • Broker/Agent Contact Information
  • Loan Officer/Financing Information
  • Request-a-Call-Back functionality
  • Home Shopping Club Promotional Content
  • Ability to sign-up for Property Alerts


Provides Real Estate firms:

  • Immediate Potential Buyer/Lessee Inquiry Notifications
  • Call-Back-Request Notifications
  • Activity Reports by Agency, Agent and Property


Provides Financing Entities:

  • Immediate Potential Buyer Inquiry Notifications
  • Call-Back-Request Notifications
  • Activity Reports by Area, Office, Agent and Property


For Property Managers:

  • Ability to opt-in all homeowners and tenants providing a static text to quickly locate needed information at your finger tips
  • Ability to op-in homeowners and tenants to receive notification in lieu of mail decreasing cost, decreasing operational cost, and improving increased notification
  • Ability to send out spur of the moment updates or notifications in case of emergency.


For Collaborative Promoters/Advertisers:

  • Home Buyers receive additional Info/Offers
  • Tailored by Geographic Area, Partner Relationships, etc.
  • Exclusive Advertising or Rotating Content Delivery
  • Pay-by Message Delivery, Impression or Response
  • Convert Interest to Opt-in Follow-up Promo Campaigns
  • Custom Landing Pages promote/validate Marketing
  • Marketing Message Response Statistics & Analysis